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  • 25 April 2024
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Here is a 2 min. demo on how to create scheduled content and get this content summary emailed to you with Action:eMail

Presented by Grant Hofmann 2 mins.



Leverage Email Actions to Enhance Your Workflows's email action is a simple and powerful allowing you to send email notifications directly from your workflows. With just a few clicks, you can configure a workflow to email you or other recipients when it runs, complete with the full text output generated by the workflow.

Key Benefits of the Email Action

  • Get workflow results delivered straight to your inbox - No need to login to to check outputs. The email action pushes results to you automatically.

  • Create scheduled digests and briefings - Build workflows that search the web for relevant content, summarize it, and email you on a cadence. For example, receive a weekly digest of news about a company or industry.

  • Get notifications when workflows complete - Use email actions to notify yourself or teammates when long-running workflows finish. No more manually checking status.

  • Integrate workflows with other systems - Email workflow outputs into ticketing, CRM, or other business systems. There are a lot of possiblities.

Example Use Cases

The email action enables some incredibly useful automations. Here are just a few examples:

  • Digest the latest AI research papers and email summaries to your team weekly.

  • Get daily weather and traffic updates for your commute route emailed to you at 6 AM.

  • Receive an email when your automated billing workflow finishes running each month.

  • Email formatted reports, like sales leaderboards, to stakeholders on a schedule.

Start Using Email Actions Today

The email action unlocks new ways to get value from your workflows. Whether you want to stay up-to-date on key topics, automate reporting, or simply get notifications, email actions have you covered. Look for the "Email" action in your workflow builder to get started. With a little creativity, you'll find relevant uses for this simple and effective feature.

5 replies

Do email recipients need to be members of the teamspace? I’m trying to setup a workflow to send an email to our CRM (it doesn’t integrate with and doesn’t have an Open API).

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Hi Ayrtonkelly,

Recipients of an email output from a workflow do not need to be part of your teamspace.

Are you asking if they need to be part of the teamspace to use a workflow shared as a form? The form you can send to anyone, they also don’t have to be part of your teamspace.



@ayrtonkelly What CRM are you using?

Hi Eve, Hi Patrick,

So, if I’m understanding correctly, the Workflow needs to be able to find an email address from an earlier step in the workflow in order to use the send email action?

The only relevant action I can see is “Send Notification Email” which appears to only allow you to send to members of the teamspace.

We use RentCafé CRM Flex. It’s a real estate CRM from Yardi Systems and it’s notoriously hard to integrate anything with it. They have a parser, so the aim of the game here is that we would use the Form and then would send an email (in the correct format) so that RentCafé CRM Flex can read it, parse it and create a profile for the prospect.

In other words:

  1. Prospect completes the Form
  2. transforms the content of the form and enriches it
  3. sends an email to RentCafé CRM Flex
  4. RentCafé CRM Flex parses the email and generates a profile

@ayrtonkelly That’s correct, the Send Notification Email action is currently only for members of the Teamspace. 

We are considering adding ways to send external emails in the future. However, for now you might try automatically forwarding the emails if you send to an email that’s a member of the Teamspace, or use the app in Zapier and send email from there.