Using Brand Voice

  • 1 May 2024
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How do I use Brand Voice?



Using Brand Voice





Jay Scotto show you how to create and use brand voices in Copy AI to improve the quality of generated content. This demo show you how to create a brand voice in Copy AI by analyzing sample content snippets that reflect the desired tone. The brand voice contains descriptors that characterize the ideal writing style, like "innovative," "efficient," and "empowering." The article then shows how applying the brand voice to a content generation prompt yields output written in the desired style.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brand voices help make AI-generated content match a brand's tone and style
  • Creating a brand voice in Copy AI involves analyzing sample content snippets
  • The brand voice contains descriptors that characterize the ideal writing style
  • Applying a brand voice to a prompt yields content written in that style
  • Brand voices improve the quality of AI-generated content

Check out additional content in Help and FAQs on Brand Voice. Using the different Brand Voices you create will improve the quality of your output exponentially!

5 replies

I found the video to be simple straight forward and the example showed an marked improvement in the copywriting.


One concern, I think you need higher resolution video, since when I went to full screen to see more of the text it became very blurry!

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Thanks for the catch. Updated the video settings. hmm...still looks blurry when full screen. I will continue to work on getting these settings right!. Fixed!

Can you use Brand Voice to maintain specific terminology even when you translate content from one language to another?

I would imagine that could be done and be pretty successful with some tuning. If you are looking for specific words like the name of a product that should be pretty easy. If you are looking more at jargon words within a specific industry that might be a bit more difficult. For instance my name in English is Harvey, in Greek it is still pronounced Harvey but spelled differently in Greek letters. Conceptual ideas require more information about the foreign language to translate correctly. That is why the fine tuning of the specific model would be important. IMHO

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Hi Tele2002 and hymers3c - we call these “Stop Words” and you can simply instruct the LLM within the prompt to “always use the english word for [word]” when translating, or something similar.  Typically, you’ll use Brand Voice first to compose copy and then translate output afterward.  This allows you to fine tune the LLM’s compute and focus just for Brand Voice during composition, and then dedicate full focus just for translation while accommodating Stop Words or any style guide related instructions for other languages.