Adding a brand voice to an existing workflow

I’m unsure how to add a brand voice to a workflow I created. I went back to build and tries `#` but that just gives me my infobase docs and tags as well as system prompts.



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The closest solution I have found involves adding a manual input field and pasting in the brand voice manually each time.


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Hi Mickey!

Brand Voice is a strength we are actively improving!  First off, the Brand Voice in the left nav was built for the Chat functionality where you can specify your default Brand Voice as well as select a different option at runtime.  For workflows, while you can add your Brand Voice to Infobase and refer to it in the workflow actions or manually as an input as you mentioned (or even inline in the prompt), just know that we are beta testing a Rewrite with Brand Voice custom action as a step in the workflows.  In the long run, Brand Voice will most likely be an Advanced Settings feature of all Text Actions and pull from the list of all your voices.  With this in flux actively improving the nature of how to generate Brand Voice content at scale, good things are on the way! 

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Hi Mickey,

Great to see you are using Brand Voice! I find it really improves the quality of the output. Did the answers above support your use case?

Sort of. I added brand voice as a manual input option. I just need to manually paste it each time. Fortunately this is not an automated workflow as I manually paste transcripts from interview clips that I am apart of. I do plan on making my own videos where the transcripts will be automatically sent to Copy AI in which I do not see a current solution to automatically add in the brand voice.