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  • 1 May 2024
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Grant Analyzer Workflow

This takes an OCR’ed PDF and breaks down the information on a grant and the group offering it. It builds a checklist of what is needed and explains how scoring will be done. on and includes due dates

The idea for this was to help my wife and the not-for-profit organization she works for review grants faster, allowing them to see quickly if it was worth looking into more/applying. Ideally, I would run this into infobases about the organization and offer feedback on how good a fit this would be for them.


How can I make this better?👇🏻 Please let me know in the comments!

1 reply

I need to circle back and expand this. I have been thinking about how to integrate with a CRM build a grant funnel to scrape the info, dump into custom fields and give a non-profit an easier scored collection of grants to move forward or reject.