Do you know what this error means?

  • 15 May 2024
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Hello fellow! I’m getting this error when I’m testing a workflow I built around extracting information from text and using it to write an article. The error happens even before the first step completes, which is Extract Data from Text. Here’s what I get: 


An unknown error occurred. liquidVariables are required when isPromptLiquid=true

Does anyone know what this means?


1 reply

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Hi Amanda,

This error generally means the asset being referenced in the action is no longer valid or found at the time when the action is running.  Double check that it is being referenced properly and included into the prompt, then re-save the changes and run the workflow again. That should resolve it, but just in case it doesn’t, please share the URL to the workflow to for quick resolution to errors like these in the future as well. 

Thank you!